I think I speak for everyone if I say that nobody imagined that on an April day like today, I would be locked up at home, and missing what in other circumstances I had never appreciated enough… let’s say we take many things for granted, when actually no one can really guarantee us. On a day like today I check the press and news, and I become more aware of what we are going through, and how fragile life is facing certain eventualities. Summarising, this is the first article on a blog on a new website, with a new corporate image, which also coincides with the COVID-19 crisis. How not to speak in the first article about the way we have behind us, and the uncertain way we have ahead…moments of change.

Today, April 12th, 2020, and coinciding with my father’s birthday, who at the age of 72 is forcibly in the most vulnerable sector of the population, we are looking at more than 16,000 official deaths (unfortunately for the web launch date there will be some more). When more than 90% of the deceased are over 65 years old, I wonder if we have failed our elderly as a society. In the case of our grandparents, going through a war, in the case of our parents, a post-war period, and in both cases, being the ones who have built the country in which we live today.

From my side, I cannot normalize that most of the deaths are in this sector of population … I cannot ignore the love and respect they deserve for the hard work and sacrifices they have had to make to get us out ahead.


However, I don’t want to get tangled up in the negative.

I want to think that possibly we are also a virus for our home, planet Earth, where we have lived until today, and most importantly, where we will have to live until the last day of our life, although sometimes it seems that we forget this fact, totally irrefutable on the other hand. I want to think that this is a Nature’s reaction, as we react with fever when we have the misfortune of having a virus that runs through our blood. And now, it’s when we have necessarily had to stop the wheel, and when we have some time to listen to what Mother Earth has to say, to meditate on whatever our next steps are from the first day that we end this nightmare.

And that’s where my unshakable faith in the human race does not let itself be overcome. But let us be clear about one thing, the path must change. And each of us must be the change that we want to see in the World. It is not the governments responsibility (only), but of each one of us as members of the human race, of society … and we be responsible in our day to day, in every small and great action. And how could it be otherwise, in an eminently technical mind, I would like to link that reaction with technology.



it is no longer necessary to travel half the world to hold a meeting … or at least, it is not necessary to do it so many times. Today, we can join people from all over the globe from the comfort of their homes (yes, I am talking about collaboration tools), making use of technology as part of our lives. Today, it is no longer necessary to take a private vehicle every day to go to work in an office, or at least, it is not necessary five days a week (yes, I am talking about VDI safe environments and VPN solutions). Today , we have more means to alleviate the economic crisis that is coming to us, is not as great as it is going to be. Today, we can visit a doctor without leaving home (yes, I am talking about videoconferencing).



we have in our hands technology that is capable of making faster and more accurate decisions, taking more variables than human beings can do, foreseeing crises like this we are going through (for the curious, YES … I’m talking about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data). I can only think about the lives that would have been saved if we had made the decision, one week before, two weeks before … Today, we can put technology at the service of humans and Earth. Let’s take action from where we are … as employees, as entrepreneurs, as politicians. Let’s make our world something kinder, more sustainable … our life (although sometimes we don’t see it) depends on it. And ALL of us, ALL of us without an exception, are responsible for driving that change.

Finally, I would like to recall a quote from the great Winston Churchill, whose message also identifies with one of our values … and that can help every of us in our small and big own wars.

“Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never-in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.”